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Summer 2022

Hello Friends!

Art by Ed Luce

Art by Ed Luce

Good News!

No Straight Lines received the prestigious
National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association Award
for Excellence in Journalism - Documentary.

We join the list of luminaries in queer journalism,
among them novelist, playright, and
kickass activist Sarah Schulman

Other Exciting Highlights

  The film has screened at over 90 film festivals, from Cleveland, Ohio to Calcutta, India. For a complete list of screenings:

 We've screened the film and participated in discussions at a variety of venues. 

  We have a distributor for sales and rental to universities, museums, and community groups!

  GoodDocs is a small, niche portfolio of award-winning documentaries. And they also book speaking engagements (both in-person and remote). We’ve been invited to a variety of venues, among them:

  • ♥ Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum
  • ♥ Bryn Mawr
  • ♥ College of William & Mary
  • ♥ Emerson College, Bright Lights Film Series
  • ♥ Haverford College
  • ♥ Los Angeles City College
  • ♥ St John’s College
  • ♥ Wexner Center for the Arts

  A book by one of the Gen X artists in the film was banned from libraries by ultra conservatives. Maia Kobabe and the graphic memoir Gender Queer are featured in the New York Times. This time, the effort to censor artists has amplified their voices!

It took a village
to make such a successful film!

We thank each of you who helped with the production as crew, friends, family, and of course, funders.

Thank You!

Thank you as ever, for all the love, encouragement,
and generous support.
Vivian and Justin

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