NO STRAIGHT LINES tells the story of 6 queer cartoonists as they develop a unique underground art scene in the early 1970’s through today’s greater recognition and acceptance. The film follows these artists’ work and their personal stories as they tackle complex issues of identity and a changing society with intelligence, humor, and imagination. Marginalized for decades, queer comics existed in a parallel universe, appearing in LGBTQ newspapers and bookstores but isolated from mainstream distribution and comic book stores. These comics are an uncensored conversation within queer communities, commenting on everything from the AIDS crisis, workplace discrimination, and marriage equality, to the search for love, solidarity, and a good haircut. With bigotry decreasing and comics commanding greater respect, queer cartoonists are now coming into their own; NO STRAIGHT LINES follows this remarkable journey.

NO STRAIGHT LINES will profile the stories of 6 major artists, among them Alison Bechdel (Fun Home) and her mentor Howard Cruse, as well as Jennifer Camper and Rupert Kinnard (creator of the first black queer comics). The film will focus on literary comics and will span the gamut of LGBTQ identities and expressions.