No Straight Lines

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“One of the underlying takeaways of “No Straight Lines” is that the history of queer comics is a history of resilience and being true to who you are.””
— Tracy Brown, LA Times

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“One of “6 Gripping Art Films to See at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival””
— Sarah Cascone, ArtNet

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“An entertaining and enlightening documentary… Traces the evolution of comics as a social movement, and artistic expression as a vital channel of sexuality.”
— David Morgan, CBS News


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“. . . A film that evokes laughter with the timeless humor of queer comics while engaging as well with the AIDS crisis and other elements of historical LGBT political oppression, No Straight Lines succeeds in blending history with narrative, ultimately doing justice to the rich history of queer comics.”
— Sally McGee, Filmmaker Magazine


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“Irreverent, witty, heartbreakingly tender.”
— David D’Arcy, The Arts Fuse


“. . . In No Straight Lines, we see just how important art can be in helping queer people understand themselves.”
— Chris McClure, Universal Cinema